Loud (Andi)


A person who loves the quiet has enjoyed these loud sounds this holiday weekend.

  • A car show. We went to a car show because I fear, as summer begins to slip its hold, that we haven’t had enough Fun Family Adventures like everyone else on social media. So I googled “fun family adventure” and the one things that came up that didn’t require either expensive entrance fees or climbing a mountain was this car show only an hour away. Bonus: There was a bookstore on the same city strip. The cars were actually pretty fantastic, even for someone like me. I liked looking at the different textures and colors and being schooled on how much money each one cost and how fast it could go by whichever boyman happened to be standing next to me in the moment. And, did I mention: bookstore. Also, I ate a delicious clam chowder for lunch. And I felt like there, we did a Fun Family Adventure and no one ended up in tears.
  • The bass. An electric bass has joined the family of stringed instruments taking up residence in my living room, and L is pretty obsessed with it. I like the sound of it. It’s deep and mellow and never hurts my ears. L has been making up songs with really sad lyrics but also lyrics that are hopeful and hint at a sunnier side of teenager.
  • The rain. It’s raining. It started raining in earnest last night and I woke up and closed all the windows and stood for a moment in the hallway, mentally checking off rooms and children and animals, remember that we were down a child, thinking that someday soon we will almost always be down a child.
  • The ukulele. B is learning ukulele in music class at school and it just so happens that we have a ukulele (another member of our stringed instrument family taking up residence in my living room) so he’s been practicing a lot. And now the song in my head is that rendition of “Over the Rainbow” combined with “Wonderful World” by that Hawaiian man who died.
  • The dogs. Because every time someone comes to the visit, the dogs warn us, loudly. And it’s not that I’m ungrateful. It’s just…loud.


Dear b, your word for next week is Fruit.

3 thoughts on “Loud (Andi)

  1. I live with one drummer. Two keyboard players, one of whom is also an electric guitarist. Today they are all out at a baseball game. It is quiet in the house. Sooooooo quiet…. (TOO quiet?)

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