Hello, World


Ah. Look at that. Time flies.

In our last blog post, we promised to return by December, January at the latest, and now that was… a year and two months ago. We have been a bit overtaken by life and all of its foibles.

But the other night we were driving home from a fantastic concert by the lovely Dar Williams and B said, “Can we chat about the blog?” and it all became clear: It was time to start again.

We miss this space. We miss the record of the minutiae of our daily lives. We miss connecting with people around the world who, remarkably, are not all that different from us.

So, here we go.

But of course, there will be changes. With every blog, we’ve altered the structure, tone, content, rules, etc, and this time will be no different. We’re going to be talking in lists. Why lists? Well, they’re manageable. Because yes, we are committed to revitalizing this space, but also, we are still beleaguered by several levels of commitment in both real and imaginary lives. Lists are perfect – they are the mini quiche that leaves you satisfied, the brief cat video that launches you into hysterics, the tiny text message that says you are loved.

Sometime in the coming months, we’ll change the look of our pages, but not yet. Baby steps, people. Let’s start with content and see where it leads us.

Longtime readers will remember that eight years ago (!) we wrote a blog called Language of the Lens, and it was based on a book that we both love very much, In the Language of Love by Diane Schoemperlen. The book is described as a “novel in 100 chapters” and the titles of these 100 chapters are taken from 1910 Kent Rosanoff Word Association Test. We borrowed the idea, sort of, and used those 100 words as titles for our blog posts.

We’re going to use the same book, the same words, albeit in a slightly different way. We’re going to randomize it for one thing, instead of going in order. And we’re going to each post every other week, on opposite weeks. (Again, manageable.)

With no further ado, here is next week’s word.


(And here is the link to our original posts on Hand.)

Look for Andi’s current Hand post next Tuesday. Signing up to follow the blog is a terrific way to never miss a post!


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