Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two


HARRY: Do you want a hand? Packing. I always loved packing. p  40

It is an inevitability that must be faced. If one wants to move, to take up residence in a new home, one must quietly and calming take everything they own and put it into a box before it can be transported.

We have lived here for twelve years. In that time we have accumulated more books, more LEGOS and more memories. Fortunately out of that list, only one item really has any weight to it. When we moved to Vermont, we had at least a pallets worth of books, we’ve probably doubled that. Clearly we have trouble saying no to more books.

But we’ve got a system. We’ve printed labels and boxes are gathered each day from businesses in town. We are making some measurable progress.  And truthfully, with it being just the two of us here, it’s going a little easier. We get up early and pack or stay up way past our bedtime putting things into boxes. Purging when we can and doing our best not to get bogged down by the memories our process has unearthed. Because to put it simply, that’s what we’re doing; putting our things, our experiences, into some cardboard container to go and live somewhere else. But the whole event seems far from simple, it feels complicated and complex. But I keep telling myself that we are going to a house with high speed internet, a dishwasher, a fenced in yard and washer/dryer combo. It feels surreal. We’ve not lived with any of those things before. We really are stepping into a whole new life.  Yes, we’re leaving T’s childhood home but we’re going to a place where he’ll bring friends home and maybe someday — a day far, far away— he’ll bring someone to join our family. Who knows? M and I want to stay in this house for always, to live in it fully. To let our memories seep into the bricks. We want to have people over and enjoy their company. To cook for them and drink hot chocolate while the snow falls. Fortunately for us, in Vermont, snow happens quite often.

But first— the packing. It will get done. I am determined because I know what waits for us on the other end. So for now I’ll put these things in their boxes. I’ll wrap T’s school projects carefully and look forward to the day the unpacking starts.

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