from The Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen


By mid-May the whispers of summer were growing. School would be out soon, we’d have time to run and play, like children should and the weather was becoming so perfect…  p 70

I have a fondness for months that bring new beginnings. January is the obvious choice September is another. But May is my favorite. We’ve banished the cold, the air feels lighter; there’s a promise in the caressing breeze. Conversely it also carries with it many end of the school year events. And birthdays—most every day is a celebration for a friend or relative. I spent my birthday away from home, camera in hand. M and I went  window shopping; strolling, meandering and ambling through the Farmer’s Market, gift shops, and bookstores. I took pictures of book covers that represented different facets of me: the bookseller, letter writer, tea lover, the sweet side of Paris. It was a fun exercise and when we got outside I took an inordinate amount of pictures of the dogs we passed, each an individual in hair type and personality.

Coming home in the car I read (which was heavenly) while M drove and when I got back to my desk to write I came across this bucket list from our retreat last June:

learn to play the cello
develop my own film
make balloon animals
get something published in hard copy
knit a sweater
go back to Paris
drink tea in Cornwall
read a Russian author
blow bubbles from the top of a Ferris wheel
buy a house and make it cozy
design a font
acquire a long old fashioned tub of my own
build a treehouse
make a bold silver ring

It’s fun to revisit and think about accomplishing some of these, almost like a waking dream. Most days I love searching for things, spotting connections and opportunities. Like this tulip, a true marker of spring and one of the last that we planted years ago. Each May it opens and it feels like the promise of what is to come.

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