A Doubter’s Almanac by Ethan Canin


It was all painfully rudimentary. 


I had planned on writing a series of moany paragraphs about how tough this week has been, between a medical mystery, the fact that it’s birthday month for all three sons, and a bullying situation that seems to bother me more than any of the kids involved, but then I saw headlines that a man in Florida was auctioning off the gun he used to shoot an unarmed teenager, and all my problems seem…trivial. And then I heard top-of-the-news reports about wildfires in Canada. And then I read some Humans of New York posts about kids with cancer. And then I scrolled through the Lost Pets Facebook page, and then I started reading about a famous person’s sister’s accusations against her father that keep getting lost in the stardom, and then I sighed and closed my computer for a while and tried to teach the puppies to lie down when I told them to. It didn’t really work. But they are getting really good at looking confused, and that itself deserves a reward.

And then two of my boys started packing for a camping trip tomorrow night and I realized that with only one boy in tow, a dinner out might be in order. And I remembered that tomorrow is one of the days of the week I get to stay later to work (I love my job) and that it was also Friday (I love weekends) and that this past week the school administrator only had to call once to check and see where the youngest was supposed to go after school. Score.

Sometimes, I suck at gratitude. I fail at useful perception. I get caught in the quagmire of ughness. Tonight, I think I’ll recognize my extraordinary good luck, go to bed early, and consider it a win.

2 thoughts on “A Doubter’s Almanac by Ethan Canin

  1. Counting our blessings isn’t easy until we look around and see what kind of pain the world is going through.
    You explained that very nicely through this post. Kudos!
    Happy blogging. God bless. 🙂

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