from Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes


…he did not consider it work, but sheer pleasure to go around seeking adventures, no matter how dangerous they might be. p 60

We headed out early in the day, eager for an adventure. Mid February is the perfect time to get out of town, even just for the day. Today the weather cooperated—it was almost Springlike— and we grabbed our chance. The snapshot show at the MFA was only up for one more week and I knew we needed to get down to Boston. Sunday seemed the best day of the week to go, so we made a plan and headed out. Me with my snack bag of goodies and M with his seat cushion—and an ashtray full of quarters.

The MFA is one of my sacred spots. The bookstore inside is one of my happy places; when I close my eyes that where I go. I had a few spots I knew I needed to see, to check in if you will. But my favorite floor was scheduled for some maintenance, so no Pollack for me, which broke my heart a little. I like to stand in front of it and imagine the author creating the drips and drops that make up this piece. I love it to for the inclusions and the detritus that forced itself into this painting.

I don’t know if fortuitous is the word or serendipity is a better fit, but because of another detour we wound up in the Contemporary wing and I looked around and felt like the top of my head had come off. I became this sponge, wanting to drink it all in. The Orwell piece especially, with the letters being liquefied and falling off of the page of 1984.* Here were the pieces made by people who sought out originality and brought a unique and fresh perspective to the meaning of the word art.

And as I looked around, I began to be infatuated with the people looking at the artwork. There was a young man wearing too short pants and an intarsia horse sweater. A woman with a stylish fleece hat with a feather; a young man with unruly hair, tight mustard yellow pants, a navy dotted sweater and round teal-colored glasses.

It was a day for made for people watching. After we parked in the garage we followed behind a stout, grandmotherly woman wearing a floral skirt and a brown bowler-like hat. I thought she would have looked in place having tea on a beach in Devon. Then there were the two young Asian women sitting contemplatively on the wall outside the museum. Both were wearing dark clothing which was the perfect backdrop for the as-yet-to-be-eaten bananas they were each holding. I wondered where was the artist and easel who surely should have been capturing their likeness.

It was a whirlwind tour for sure with just enough time to walk among the items at the giftshop and dream of taking home one of everything. On the way out of the museum, we pushed through the glass doors out into the sunlight and headed for the nearest Flour bakery. M grabbed my hand and said “And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” And reader, that is why I married him.

*A little more about this interesting experience:

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