Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin



And I told him that you could write out my name two ways and both ways would be pronounced the same.

Things I would rather be doing instead of writing this blog:

  • Reading any one of the 74 books piled next to my bed.
  • Watching funny T.V. (The New Girl)
  • Watching serious T.V. (Making a Murderer)
  • Flipping through old journals to find that paragraph I wrote ten years ago about sitting on the bench while babies played on the grass in front of me.
  • Staring into the middle distance while remembering that moment on the bench. That was the first time I had an inkling that there was an end to constant dependence. It was a good moment.
  • Listening to a podcast. I know I could love me a good podcast if I could find the time to listen to one. I love the idea of podcasts. I’d like to make my own podcast. Once, when I was in college and sexy, I managed to make my voice sound pretty damn hot on the answering machine, and based on that scant evidence I’m pretty sure I’d be awesome at making podcasts. Not sexy ones, though, smart ones.
  • Putting the youngest boy to bed. He needs it. He’s tired. I’m tired. We all need to just go to bed.
  • Looking at all the fulfilling and altruistic┬álives on Facebook.
  • Getting in another half hour of work. I really like my work.
  • Talking to my husband. About how how fulfilling and altruistic our lives are. Bwahahaha!

3 thoughts on “Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin

  1. That’s it, my dear. We’re going to make a podcast together. Are you game? You have an awesome voice for radio, although you do not also have a face for radio. I think my voice might be pretty good for radio too, but I have to enunciate more. We could have some kind of Country Mouse, City Mouse thing going on. What say you?? I’m not even on steroids here, this is an honest to god idea. Xoxo

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