Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss


She’s hurrying, tossing the cake’s thick yellow batter with her big wooden spoon, blowing her bangs from her eyes. She swipes a finger in, licks it, decides to add poppy seeds, dumps in a generous sprinkle. Pulls her favorite Bundt pan—the red one with the scalloped edges—works a slab of butter up the sides with her fingers. P 1

The seven things saving me this week:

The thought of spending time in the kitchen communing with the flour sugar and butter. I’m hoping to make a ginger toffee sticky pudding, a Breton butter cake and some salted chocolate chip cookies. I’ve got to bake on Wednesday and have it all ready by 3 when I pick up M and we head out. Good thing there will be so many people around our table. I don’t expect any of these desserts will last long.

Reading Curtis Sittenfeld’s latest, Eligible. Its funny and smart. Mr. Bennet has the best lines. I know I should be reading other things and I shouldn’t be talking about a book that’s not available until April; but trust me, this retelling of Pride and Prejudice will have you elbowing your neighbor so you can read bits out loud.

Compassionate friends and neighbors. I’m still feeling caught in this vortex of transition, walking some weird tightrope. T called home this week, which didn’t go well at all. It made me rethink our holiday plans; I seriously considered staying home with the dogs and enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for experienced parents who have been there and can help me to put my relationship with my college freshman into perspective.

Music. Listening to so many podcasts has exposed me to more artists and songs that I didn’t know existed. And Adele’s new album released last week and I’m enjoying immersing myself in her lyrics and melodies. Not quite decided on a favorite song just yet.

November, AKA do something every day month. I haven’t quite done NaNoWriMo, but I have been writing in my daily journal and for once it’s up to date. I have been enjoying the posts of some of my favorite bloggers– Chookooloonks and Hula Seventy especially. It takes a certain amount of dedication and commitment to post something even when you feel like staying silent. Their words inspire me to put something up. A simple true sentence beats a blank page every time.

This weather. Typically Vermont becomes cold and desolate this time of year, but we’ve had a record number of sunny days. When we first moved to Vermont in 2000, a little north of here, we got snow on the ground November 1 and kept it until May. Right now each warm day feels like a gift, even if the sun sets sooner than I would like.

Sunsets, I saw a spectacular one as I was driving home from meeting with a friend. I couldn’t help but stare into the illuminated clouds and marvel at the beauty. I wished I could capture it with my phone, but instead I just enjoyed the spectacular show. At the cafe today the tip voting was for sunrise or sunset. It looked like sunrise had more votes, but I think a good sunset helps me end the day on a happy note. The peach, yellow, lilac and pink combination is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

If you’re looking for a daily dose of inspiration, visit these blogs. I love these women and find that what write speaks to me in so many ways.



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