From City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg


Then Fall arrived, blowing the stink off the sidewalks. The riffle of drying sycamores softened the traffic noise. By late September there were premature garlands scattered on the ground, so that if you squinted, you could almost imagine the sidewalks as browning pastures, and yourself as a wandering bard. P 216

What I love most about Fall~
Lightweight but still cozy scarves
The scritch of leaves on the sidewalk
Boots with twirly skirts
The dazzling array of colors on the trees
The absence of the cloying heat
The need for a cardigan
Biting into a crisp apple (honeycrisp, pink lady, golden, gravenstein)
Touching the bark on a tree, which feels like reuniting with a long-lost friend
Being warmed by the sun while a brisk breeze passes by
An abundance of yellow: newly sharpened pencils, schoolbuses, leaves and rainboots
That itch to find my long lost work-in-process and start knitting again
Hot cider doughnuts from the food truck
Pockets for collecting fallen treasures
The sound acorns make as they bounce around
That dappled light that spills through the window and beckons you to come outside


That solid here & now feeling in spite of the fact that Halloween is coming and that soon the other holidays will tumble out after. But right now, today it’s still September and that in and of itself is reason to rejoice.
Right this moment I’ve put out my hand and sad no to what comes next. Today is a day to revel in the in between. A walk on the fence between summer and year’s end. I’m putting one foot in front of the other as I balance on the tips of the fence posts; hands out to my sides, careful not to lean to far one way or the other. I like this perspective from the highwire, I can see so much more from this vantage point. If I squint I can just make it out the guy coming down the road, strumming an instrument, wanting to put it all in a song.

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