Read Between the Lines by Jo Knowles


The memories are still so vivid. But I wonder how long they’ll stay that way.

I am sitting on the sidelines watching soccer practice. I am also watching B kick a soccer ball over and over toward Rosie the puppy, who is ecstatic with the attention. She has no fear of that ball. She has no idea the bruises it can cause. I know well the bruises it can cause. So I sit on the sidelines.

I’m not supposed to be sitting on the sidelines of a soccer practice. I’m supposed to be enjoying cocktails and good food with lovely coworkers. The stars, they did not align tonight. But that’s okay.

Last weekend, the stars aligned remarkably well. Last weekend I went to a wedding. Last weekend, I managed, against all practical indications otherwise, to extract myself from daily life and fly off to Canada, like people do, and watch a special woman marry another special woman.

It was a lovely wedding. I mean, all weddings are lovely, but this one was held in a children’s camp and there was a lake nearby and at one point I found myself in a circle of 50- and 60-year-old women grinding to “Cuz Baby I’m Worth It.” And you know that’s a good time.

And my travel companion was someone I’ve known since I was 12. Everywhere we went last weekend people would say to her, “Oh, you’re the horse person,” and then they’d gush about how much they’d heard about the barn. And that’s pretty incredible. But not surprising. The barn was a place with tentacles through time. The people we were there, I think, were our truest selves, the selves we try hard to be everywhere else in the world, ever since those dusty, frigid days of sweat and gut laughter. At least that’s true for me. The bride, she seems capable of presenting her truest self no matter where she is or what clothes she wears, and I envy that. In a healthy way.

My travel companion is also excellent at telling stories, which made the hours on the road, and the hours trapped in a strip mall, fly by. Useful woman.

See? Stuck at soccer practice is just fine. I can’t complain too much, when the weekend was so excellent. Happy marriage, dear ones. And thanks for the long, strange, hilarious trip, T.


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