from Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy


One for the three of us in the Past~
I love how we smell after the pool. Like chlorine and sweat. The scent of summer. p 36

One for the two of us in the Present~
…we were still ourselves. We still laughed and made jokes. I expected to feel like this whole new person, but really it was me—plain old me—making this decision that I can never unmake. p 43

One for T and the Future~
I suck in a breath. This is what it feels like when your life starts happening. I think. p 45

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Words, words, words.

They surround me.
Cover me like that blanket
that rests on the back off the couch.
I need that comfort;
that feeling of handknit warmth
and heirloom, quilted safety

Right now,
the ground beneath is unstable.

An unexpected fragility.
The seasons are changing and September
is wearing her yellow~
buses, pencils and leaves about to turn.

It is the time of transitions:
from summer to fall.
from together to separate.
from freedom to school.
We are all in a state of flux.
A foot in each world
and no real way to move forward.

Except there is…

Each morning we wake and
discover what the day has to offer.
Remarkably we are further along than we have been.
Progress is incremental but still
measurable with the tiniest of rulers.

At this moment
the past and the future
are side by side;
briefly overlapping, then separating.
Creating a multitude of beginnings and endings,
each one a cause and effect.
Saying goodbye to something
makes room for a brand new hello.

Here we are at different stages
all facing the terror/excitement
of what comes next.

I am surrounding myself with words.
They envelop, enclose and encircle.
They give sustenance and nourishment,
inspiration and exaltation.
Words are my current craving.

The stones that build the path.

I cry.
I write.
I read.
I dream.


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