Arcadia by Lauren Groff


One puts one’s napkin on one’s lap!

It’s late and we ate a huge meal and I’ve been up since early and have to be up early again tomorrow because T has swimming lessons before he has camp duties. Yes, my T! Taking swimming lessons! Those of you who know him well will be shocked. He is proof that old dogs, new tricks, totally possible.

All of this to say I have not much to say. Life is…full. Of delights. So full that it’s hard to find a spare moment to remark on its fullness. So I’m making this short.

Also, I just put brand new sheets on our bed. Is there anything more luxurious than new sheets? If you said yes, you’re wrong. New sheets in a new color with a new-sheet smell. Ahhh.

The new sheets are calling and so is a dream about asparagus waving gently in a warm breeze, so I’m leaving off.

Goodnight all.

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