From Jenn Bennett’s The Anatomical Shape of a Heart


“Happy Fourth,” he finally said. “Or is that ‘Merry Fourth’? What’s the standard Independence day greeting?” p 148

Today is my favorite day of the year.

More than Christmas.

More than Thanksgiving

and maybe more than my birthday.

I love that it feels like Summer.

That we are finally in it.

Lemonade, popsicles,

s’mores made in the backyard,

and fresh berries eaten while you pick.

Grilling. Everything.

Sun in the morning and in the evening.

The days expand and taken on a mythical quality.

There is time to read and time to write.

School has become a foggy remembrance

of something that once happened.

Now all the days are open ended.

Dips in the pool,

dips in the pond.

Visits to the beach to see

the water in all its glory.

The sand tickles between your toes

and becomes ever present tag-a-long.


Every day a different combination

of fillings and bread and condiments.

We are adventurous

lunch makers.

Ice cream for dinner—

because, why not?


Morning, noon and night.

Flowers budding,

blooming, bursting forth.

Fireflies flickering at dusk.

Concoctions of fruit juices and seltzers

mixed up and sipped casually on the deck

as the sun calls your freckles out of hiding.

Shorts and tank tops.

Skirts and sandals.

This is a new way of dressing

a new way of being.

Freer, more alive.

Your heart beats a different cadence,

longing for the fireworks

that will fill the sky.

Make you wide-eyed in astonishment

as you feel the pounding in your chest.

Those booming bright lights

call you home.

Before you know it the finale has come

and the fireworks fade into nothing…

Quick, close your eyes.

See them again.

Save this moment

for a bitter winter day,

when you need a reminder of

the brilliant light that is possible.

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