Single, Carefree, Mellow by Katherine Heiny


 …Nina felt for a moment that she was leaving a trail behind her, like a comet. But instead of rocks and dust, the trail she was leaving was made of rose petals and sugar and bits of brightly colored paper, and these were being swept off the bridge in the wind, over the water, over the beach, into the city, so that the people out there would get a tiny taste of the sweetness that was Nina’s now, of the happiness she knew. P 84

It’s been said

that happiness is

a warm puppy.


There may be a bit

of truth to that.


And happiness has

often been compared

to birds and butterflies–

using words like

fleeting, flying and

choosing to land

to further the analogy.


I don’t know if I have the words

to describe this feeling.

The blank page stares at me

and echoes back a silence.


But if I close my eyes,

the idea of happiness

brings to mind sunshine,

and flower-filled meadows,

and pealing laughter.


If happiness is an

unbridled emotion

does that mean

happiness is really a horse?


True, one of my happiest memories

is galloping across a field

on the back of my friend’s

chestnut mare.


I didn’t leave a trail

of rocks or petals

but my long hair flew back

and I know I felt invincible.


Like many childhood memories,

it happened so long ago

it hardly seems real.


If only I could reach back to that time

and pull that girl forward,

show her this life and

all that there is to come.


Show her that happiness

isn’t fleeting,

it can last longer than a

butterfly’s life span.

It’s more an

ever-churning ocean

than an ethereal notion.


That each day comes

with its on secret stash of joy.

An unlimited supply of smiles

and laughter.


That we only

need hold out our hands

and allow it to come.

One thought on “Single, Carefree, Mellow by Katherine Heiny

  1. I love the happiness in these words. It makes me think of Jane Kenyon’s “Happiness”. I hope you’re feeling happiness in the sunshine and warmth this week.

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