The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson


 You can tell your story any way you damn well please.

What I really want to do is taking a reading vacation. Have you done this? Spent a week doing nothing but reading? And eating, of course, to keep up your strength, and maybe a walk or two for the sake of your back, but mostly just reading. Deep in a cozy armchair, or while swinging on a porch hammock, or stretched out on a hot rock by the ocean’s edge. Just reading and reading and reading.

This is what I’m in the mood for.

B and I had something a bit like this once when we fell into the chance to spend a week at a house on Martha’s Vineyard. Well, she fell into it and graciously invited me along, for which I am still grateful. I read five, maybe six books that week. And only one of them was a have-to. And I did a lot of writing, too, but it’s the reading that I remember.

What is it about reading that’s so…nourishing, attractive, restful, illuminating?

Reading among commoners like me used to be rare and I dread to think how I would have managed had I been born a couple hundred years ago. How would I have translated the world? How would I have made any friends? I would I have learned anything?

Next week is school vacation and my parents have been wonderful enough to invite my kids to visit for a few days. (Actually, I asked with perhaps more than a hint of desperation in my voice.) I hope to read for several hours a night with them gone. I adore my boys, but they do take up brain space. Which next week I can fill with books.

On my next-in-line shelf:

All the Bright Place by Jennifer Niven
Descent by Tim Johnston
The Children Act by Ian McEwan
Let Me Be Frank With You by Richord Ford
The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

What’s on your next-in-line shelf?


2 thoughts on “The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

  1. *waves arms wildly* I want to go on that reading vacation! I’m so glad you get some time to read coming up soon. Next on my shelf: H is for Hawk, The Living Mountain (Nan Shepherd), Names for the Sea (Sarah Moss), The All of It (Jeannette Haien), and The Snow Child (Eowyn Ivey).

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