The Witch’s Boy by Kelly Barnhill


If they would slow down, Aine was certain she’d be able to read them, even though it was a language she did not know.

It’s a snow day.

We have made a cake. We have eaten the cake, after a rousing round of “Happy Snow Day To Us.” We have had bellyaches and face sweats from the cake.

I gave the lizard a warm bath and washed his rock.

I have checked work email four times. I have gazed thoughtfully into the distance while considering a response email to a non-pressing question, and decided against it.

I have read 50 pages of a terrible book.

We have played two games of chess and four games of mancala. Turns out, it’s the king you want to protect while playing chess. No wonder the only chess game I’ve ever been able to win has been against a six-year-old. And that one was close.

I have walked the dog once and thrown the cats out three times.

I have handed┬áSmoky the Cat one mouse. Poor mouse. It was having a fine meal in the dog food bin when I inadvertently scooped it up and dumped it into the dog’s bowl, and then promptly handed it over to Smoky. Who could not believe his luck in landing with a family who serves mice in bowls. You’re welcome, dear cat.

I have almost yelled just once. I did mutter fiercely, “Please, just be quiet, please,” several times during the chess game.

One cat sat on the head of one dog. I think he has a crush.

We have done science experiments involving Coke and little blue things.

One child has gone outside to play. One child is having a lazy day reading on the couch. One child is bored enough to play with his little brother.

One husband is working upstairs where it is quiet, but very, very cold. He joined us for cake.

One iPod is missing. Luca wants everyone to know that they shouldn’t worry if he doesn’t answer his texts.

One movie showing soon…

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