Impossible by Nancy Werlin


“Excuse me? You’re going to sit on a porch and drink lemonade while I plow a swamp with a goat’s horn?”

Because everyone else is doing it, here is my list of Best Of, 2014!

Best TV Comedy, Watched Again!
The Office (American)

Best TV Drama, Watched Again!
West Wing (I actually understood politics for about three years. And not a whole lot has changed.)

Best TV Drama Watched With a Husband!
The Blacklist (What is it about James Spader? He’s so creepy and compelling.)

Best TV Comedy Watched All By Myself!
New Girl (Though I am much older than all those people and that is a tiny bit depressing.)

Best TV Drama Watched With Kids!
Doctor Who (Actually, this show covers drama, sci fi, comedy, and science.)

Best Movie I Cried At The End Of, Not Because The Movie Was Sad But Because The Actor Was Dead By The Time The Movie Came Out And I Miss Him, As Much As You Can Miss A Guy You’ve Never Met!
A Most Wanted Man (Oh, Mr. Seymour Hoffman…)

Best Questionable Parenting Moment!
Oh, who the hell can choose…

Best Book!
Ha! This is exactly the question I should be able to answer with the most flair, but there are two cats on me and one kid and another kid keeps wanting to show me little bits of paper he keeps tossing into the air. And I just can’t think.

Best Music Listened To In The Car!
Ask Terri. She’s my music connection. She sends me music that reminds me of places I’ve never been.

Best Music Listened To Anywhere Else!
I only ever listen to music in my car.

Most Clever Comeback!

Best Vacation!
Camping in Maine (Only vacation.)

Best Kid!
My oldest. And the middle one. And the youngest.

Best Day!
Today. And yesterday. And tomorrow.

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